Mei Tai


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Babyhawk Mei Tai


Babyhawk .. beautiful printed fabric, reversing to a plain fabric side that matches the waist and shoulder straps.


Perfect from newborn through to pre-school (40lbs), Babyhawk Mei Tai can be used on the front, back or hip and are as safe as they are comfortable.

The fabric is heavy-duty twill that offers the support you need while cradling your baby in cushy comfort. The newest version, incorporates a padded headrest that can be turned up for head/neck support or turned down when your little one wants to see the world around them.

Provided with full written instructions and diagrams, Babyhawk are machine washable in cool water and can be tumbled dry on low or line dried. All styles are also reversible to the ‘cleanest’ plain or patterned side.

Product Features:

  • newborn to pre-school (8-40 lbs)
  • adjustable for various sizes/users
  • front & back carry
  • fully reversible (to plain side)
  • high quality tested materials
  • machine washable
  • written instructions included


Baby Hawk MeiTai


  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days1
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