Buckled Carriers

This group of slings are very similar to the Chinese / Asian style Mei Tai's - a square of material with 4 straps.  These clip together with buckles rather than tying, some have thick waist bands for lumbar support.

  • Man friendly!
  • Easy / quick
  • Beware too thick bands
  • Better support = more bulky

Boba 4G

Beco Toddler

  • 18months-Preschool
  • Great support
  • Crossed straps or backpack style
  • Front or back

Boba Air

(nb. not an 'all day' sling for bigger babies / toddlers)

Beco Soleil

  • 6 Months - 2.5 Years
  • Great Support
  • Cross Straps or Backpack Style
  • Front or Back

Beco Gemini

Ergo Adapt

Oh Mei

Ergo 360

Note - Age guides are based on my personal experience of hiring these slings out and using myself.  They have got wider safety limits however become less supportive and comfortable when used upto the limits.  Do contact me to discuss your requirements if you are unsure.

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