Caesarean Birth Class

Are you already booked in for a caesarean birth?


Do you just want to know more because of the possibility of a caesarean birth?

Maybe you feel anxious and are looking for ways to feel calm and joyful about the birth of your baby?


This class will help you and your birth partner to understand many aspects of the process, enabling you to feel calm, confident and joyful about meeting your baby.

The class will include:


  • Practicalities - who will be there, how long will it take, what will it be like?
  • Can I cuddle my baby - when skin to skin in theatre is possible
  • Decision making - timing of the procedure
  • How might we feel before / during / afterwards
  • The Gentle / Family centred caesarean - how to make baby's transition into this world calm and gentle.
  • Caesarean birth plan - what are your options, what can you ask for.