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What Happens in a Pregnancy Yoga Class?

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The 3 Biggest Myths About Pregnancy Yoga

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Using Slings for Easy Parenting

Ever wondered why people carry their baby in a sling

Worried about 'making a rod' or creating a clingy baby


Find out how modern science is turning old ideas on their head,

and how using a sling can create a

more confident baby, and better sleep for parents....

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Aromatherapy for Labour & Postnatal

Hello to All!    I am very pleased to be able to write this Blog on a passion of mine!   Aromatherapy.

I trained in the art and science of Aromatherapy some time ago (1992) and have practised it ever since both personally and professionally.

So what is Aromatherapy? It is the use of essential oils derived from organic matter, the oils are concentrated and potent, working on physiological and psychological well-being. They are not to be confused with fragrances which are petro-chemically derived.

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Your First Sling Library Visit & how to get the most out of it...

Congratulations on your decision to carry your baby, there are so many benefits for everyone in the family when your baby is carried - watch out for our next blog post all about that coming soon....


You've chosen a fantastic place to come along for advice and support, we love nothing better than empowering you with all the knowledge needed to make your own confident decisions about how best to carry your baby, we meet every Wednesday, both term time & school holidays - check our page for Christmas & Summer meet times.

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Your Pelvic Floor Like a Trampoline...

Hold on to your pants ladies....

here's everything you need to know about your postnatal pelvic floor

& postnatal recovery that no one ever tells you!


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My NCT Story #MyNctStory

NCT saved, my sanity, gave me a purpose, gave me confidence, and I have been very grateful for my time with The National Childbirth Trust.


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Homebirth Meetings & NCT Classes

I attended the Homebirth Group in Oldham last week.  It was lovely to meet the local midwives who are very passionate about promoting normal birth and love supporting women in the area.  We are very lucky to have them.

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