Using Slings for Easy Parenting

Ever wondered why people carry their baby in a sling

Worried about 'making a rod' or creating a clingy baby


Find out how modern science is turning old ideas on their head,

and how using a sling can create a

more confident baby, and better sleep for parents....


In the womb baby is used to the sound of your heartbeat, your voice and feels really snug, warm and secure.


Using a sling form birth re-creates this familiar environment and keeps stress levels low

and gives your baby a gentle transition into the world.


Science has shown that during baby's 1st 6 weeks of life, the lower the stress level, the better your baby's brain develops!


Babies who are carried for 3 hours or more per day cry 56% less
EVEN when NOT in the sling!!!


Carried babies settle quicker at night and sleep for longer.


Carrying your baby reduces colic symptoms.


Upright positions are great for reflux sufferers.


Better Language Development

Being at your height gives baby a chance to absorb adult conversations, seeing your lips move & hearing the sound of your voice when they feel safe and relaxed means they take in and remember more.


Better Social Development

Your baby gets used to seeing you socialise without being the 'centre of attention' - This is believed to support babies natural instinct to be sociable rather than creating demanding & attention seeking children.


Mums who carry their babies are less likely to suffer postnatal depression.

This could be because of the magical effects of skin to skin on mothers hormone levels, or simply because she feels more able to get on with life, socialise and keep on top of her normal routines.


Feeding your baby is easier

Did you know crying is the LAST sign of hunger?  When baby is close you see them smacking their lips, sucking hand, and nuzzling into your chest - they make it really clear, when you are close enough to see.


Ideally both breast and bottle fed babies are fed on THEIR hunger cues, which helps to create a positive relationship with food later in life, and be more conscious of their body's own hunger and fullness signals.


For breastfeeding, little & often means milk production is maximised, and latching baby on is much less of a frantic affair.

Don't watch the clock - watch your baby - Easy when they are on your chest!!

Babies NEED reassurance and cuddles. 


As they grow older and become mobile...


IF they've been taught the world is a SAFE place, filled with LOVE, and CUDDLES...

they will feel SAFE to explore, and confident in meeting new people.


IF they've learned the world is a bit scary & they have to fend for themselves,

they may grow up more anxious, clingy and less adventurous :-(


Using slings mean it's super convenient for parents, and babies get all the LOVE and REASSURANCE they need.  They know the world is safe because they are there with you, learning about it all the time.


You don't have to take the lift, ramp, or disabled entrances!


You keep each other warm in winter ;-)



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