Aromatherapy for Labour & Postnatal

Hello to All!    I am very pleased to be able to write this Blog on a passion of mine!   Aromatherapy.

I trained in the art and science of Aromatherapy some time ago (1992) and have practised it ever since both personally and professionally.

So what is Aromatherapy? It is the use of essential oils derived from organic matter, the oils are concentrated and potent, working on physiological and psychological well-being. They are not to be confused with fragrances which are petro-chemically derived.

Of course women can self-administer Aromatherapy and essential oils are widely available, however
 it is best to consult with an Aromatherapist particularly if you are pregnant or have specific needs .
Aromatherapy can be used in lots of ways!
Ideal for Pre Conception, Pregnancy (after the first Trimester) Birth & Post Nataly
Lavender or Rose waters can be used a room spritzers , A drop of essential oils can be placed on a cloth or my favourite is a drop of Spearmint  on a paper fan ideal for cooling down a labouring woman! Baths, Showers, Footbaths, Vaporizers and of course Massage; your birth partner can get involved by learning the movements that help relieve back ache.

My favourite oils to use are Lavender, Mandarin and Frankincense,



 Lavender has lots of qualities ranging from antiseptic to sedative and is synergistic with all other oils, boosting their effects, Lavender is ideal to use in massage or baths as it is gentle too.


Lavender is great for its healing properties and is perfect for any bruising and swelling after giving birth. Good combinations for Lavender are with Lemon and Rose Otto a lovely feminine blend perfect for the postnatal weeks (not for pregnant ladies!)



Mandarin is a citrus oil and is a mood enhancer, lifting the spirit with its gorgeous fruity smell, it acts on the old part of our brain known as the limbic system and often generates a ‘feel good factor’.


Ideal for a diffuser or oil burner at home or hot compresses.



Frankincense oil is much valued as an aid to meditation and mindfulness and is often used places of worship to promote feelings of well- being and ‘opening of the mind’,


It has many benefits to health and in The Middle East is revered as a cure all .


Ideal for labouring women as Frankincense aids concentration and has a pleasant aroma, can be used in any way excellent in diffusers and massage  

Warming Essential oils such as Cinnamon, Orange and Black Pepper can also be used in Post
Natal Massage
Tea Tree and Lemon are great to use around the home and are a natural cleansers and have antiviral and antibiotic properties they are a natural alternative to ‘fragrances’ and they can be used in room spritzers or put down the loo or added to water to clean kitchen and bathroom floors

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