Homebirth Meetings & NCT Classes

I attended the Homebirth Group in Oldham last week.  It was lovely to meet the local midwives who are very passionate about promoting normal birth and love supporting women in the area.  We are very lucky to have them.

I've invited them along to any of my classes and they are going to start promoting Nature-Nurture to the women of Oldham!!  So after a super start to the year anyway - things may pick up even more,  Its a mixed feeling, I dread having to turn someone away from a class, but it will be nice to be full, and have a waiting list too.


In other news both Oldham & Tameside NCT Classes have started which I always really enjoy.  Its really nice to work with women and their partners together and address emotions & issues on a deeper level than at yoga and get to know them a bit better.


Its funny when I first started teaching massage in couples sessions the giggles would make me really nervous and I might cut the activity short, on Wednesday - session I finished the session with an aromatherapy hand massage - they were more giggly than any group for quite a while.  But I just gave them a bit longer, talked them through relaxation strategies and stayed with it.  They did settle down into it eventually and the class ended well, but its hard to gauge what people make of this.  (Especially as I had 1 piece of feedback from a guy on the last course saying he felt it was just a time filler).  I was really pleased to have some feedback about how much 1 couple enjoyed the massage and that they feel much more relaxed about the rest of the course now - Yey!


Much as I love my job and love sharing my passion with others - I'm not a natural leader, that has been the hardest part of my training - but I feel that I get better at it with each class I take & feel so proud of how far I've come already.


Onwards & upwards.  Its the final day of my intensive course in Tameside tomorrow which means playing with dolls / nappies & slings.  (Yes I do get paid for this!)  Then a bit of a break for half term next week & much needed time to reconnect with the kids.


Hope I've done alright for my first blog post here - check in again soon


Love & light


Emma xxx