Hello and welcome to Nature Nurture Birth and Beyond and CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy / new arrival!!  This is such a rollercoaster of a time, hang on and  enjoy the ride :-)


I'm Emma, local Mum of 2 lively boys, Transition to Parenthood Specialist, Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher - and I'm  here to help you birth and bond with your baby with the calm and confidence you already have inside you.


Before having children I was just like you - my picture of birth was maybe a bit fluffy, but I did 'know' that giving birth was going to be painful and difficult - everything I'd heard and seen on TV told me so.  Maybe it was the fear that pushed me to look for another way, and what has brought you to this site today...


Luckily (?) I had time to do my research, watch some realistic birth video diaries, I learned the facts about risks vs benefits in birth, and stumbled upon pregnancy yoga - which gave me the practical skills to relax and stay calm through (most of) a 30 hour labour!


I found the year of birth to be so transformative, and I'm not alone - research tells us a womans brain is being physically rewired during pregnancy and early motherhood - can you relate?


The experiences, and the support a woman has around this time are key - and she is more open than at any other time in her life to lay down new healthier patterns and habits.  I feel so excited when I think about the amazing potential for personal growth you have right now, and your abilty to conciously shape the next generation of your family.


But back to me - when I'm not getting all passionate about birth, babies, and slings I enjoy caravanning, swimming, yoga, being outdoors, sustainable living, family festivals, theatre trips, and dream of running away to India!!


The classes and groups I run are down to earth, accessible to everyone, safe, non judgemental, beautiful spaces.  So what are you waiting for, get in touch and join the community :-)

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